Naalo Okadu Telugu Movie Review and Rating

Vicky (Siddharth) is a poor ugly man looking working in a movie theater. He has many aspirations in life, but always keeps to himself. One day, he discovers a drug that will lead in time and realize his dreams.He eats the pill and began to dream of a stylish living where there is a huge superstar. Twist in the tale arises when complications start arising in both its real and dream life. What are the problems and how have Vicky out of their successfully shape the rest of the story.

Plus Points: –

Siddharth gives a memorable performance in the film. Once again he proves his talent and hypnotic in its two characters. He plays two different roles and brings a lot of depth to the film. Deepa Sannidhi portrayed his role well and provides broad support for Siddharth.
History and narrative of this film is quite new to Tollywood and was well managed. Scenario is key to any thriller and it scores good points in this film. How all the scenes were interlaced is fairly good.The way the two stages of the first half were executed is good. The two stories run on a parallel

Budugu Telugu Movie Review and Rating

Pooja (Lakshmi Manchu) and Rahul (Sreedhar Rao) join their ten year old son Bunny (Prem Babu) in a boarding school. As time passes, the rabbit is expelled from school for his strange behavior.It goes back and continues to wreak havoc with its uniqueness. A deeply upset Pooja took him to a psychiatrist (Indraja) for treatment. After going through the medical records of rabbit, the doctor suggests a single therapy. What is therapy? What rabbit problems in reality? She will be cured? Which forms the rest of the story.

Plus Points: –

major advantage of the film is how officials presented how parents should treat their children in the age and time of day. The entire star cast did a wonderful job and is perfect for their characters. Indraja is fit in a mature role and brings a touch to the film Lakshmi Manchu still impresses once a balanced act. His performance especially in the thrilling moments is very good. Prem master who has the lead role is very good in his character. The way he highlights all her psychological problems is commendable. Sreedhar is good as husband hen.
Interval block is pretty good and puts in place

Avengers – Age of Ultron English Movie Review and Rating

SHIELD was dismantled in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. After that, the Avengers are on their own and Captain America takes vaguely responsible. Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) finance the operations and facilities of the group. But he is not happy.He decided to create Ultron as a shield robots to land against foreign invaders. Ultron but quickly became autonomous and decides to make the human race extinct, to save the planet from destruction. He hacks in each company laboratories missiles and robotics to steal every piece of technology and equipment available.It also uses the twins Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch to destroy the Avengers from within and for a while, the strategy succeeds. The Avengers must now find a way to beat Ultron and stop its human resources plans extinction.Can they do. Of course they can, they are the Avengers.

Plus points:

The large cast of Iron Man stars (Robert Downey Jr.), Captain America (Chris Evans), Thor (Chris Hemsworth), Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), Hulk (Mark Ruffalo), Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) are the largest attractions for the film and they did their part.
A beautiful new romantic thread involving The Hulk and Black Widow offers some of the best

A High Demand for Malayalam TV in Abroad


Is there a better symphony than hearing your mother tongue being spoken when you are far far away from your homeland? People who live abroad amidst foreign languages and cultures recognize the pang of the want. The heart fills with unmistakable joy and why should anyone be bereft of a powerful connection that forms because of the shared language.

Malayalis are dime a dozen in most countries abroad and are always on the lookout for great Malayalam content in the form of dramas and movies. The Malayalam speaking Diasporas have strengthened countries on the merit of their intellect and sheer hard work and deserve the entire reprieve they can get in foreign land. Indian TV Channels offer solace in the form of heartwarming serials and action packed Reality TV on a daily basis. Malayalam TV has an envious spread of addictive programming in all their channels.

Asianet, Surya TV, Kiran TV, Kairali TV, Kochu TV, Manorama News are few of the most popular Malayalam TV Channels in abroad. Shows like Thanmathra, Salt N Pepper, Nanban, etc are enjoying top rating amongst the

Varadhi Telugu Movie Review and Rating

Gautam (Hemanth) is a young college going youth who falls for his classmate Aradhana (Sri Divya). On the last day of college, Aradhana offers Hemanth and accepts his love quite happy. Unfortunately, his happiness is short-lived as he was killed in an accident.As time goes by, the story moves to Hyderabad. One day, a selfish psychopath named Vinay (Kranthi) Aradhana sites and continues to follow it. A depressed Aradhana, who is still in love with Hemanth, continues to ignore Vinay. Twist in the tale arises when Vinay is injured in an accident. From there, Vinay begin to see human minds around it and comes across the spirit of Hemanth also.He learns tragic love story of Hemanth and decided to do something to Aaradhana. Rest of the story is how cruel Vinay changes and convinces Aradhana.

Plus Points: –

major advantage of the film’s lead pair Kranthi and Sri Divya. Two of them have done an excellent job and fulfill their roles to perfection. Kranthi young hero is very promising and carries the entire film on his shoulders. It highlights the decent talent and is exceptional in emotional scenes.Sri Divya is beautiful in a girl next door role. It depicts decent emotions and

Chirunavvula Chirujallu Telugu Movie Review and Rating

(Jiiva) Goutham’s mother abandoned when just ten years old. Angry against the attitude of his wife, Nasser (the father of Goutham) criticizes women and accuse them of being dishonest and selfish. Goutham, who is deeply affected by this also grows in the hatred and distrust of women.He with his two best friends (Vinay) and baby (Santhanam) establish a production house. As time passes, a girl named Priya (Trisha) enters their lives as a business partner and causes some problems between the best friends. A depressed Goutham leaves his friends and headed to Europe with Priya.There, the couple fall in love with each other. But after a same time, they split because of personal problems Gautam. What is the problem? The couple will get together in the end? and what happens to best friends Gautham? Which forms the rest of the story.

Plus points:

The major asset of this film is the theme that deals with friendship, romance and the special bond between father and son. The eccentric narration also plays a major role in the positive outcome of the film. There are some very funny scenes in the film that create interest among the public. All the romantic scenes between Trisha and

Dr Saleem Movie Review and Rating

Salim (Vijay Antony) is an orphan who is studying hard to become a doctor. He often social services and gives free care to his patients. This attitude of his is not going well with her boss. Meanwhile, Saleem also became engaged to a girl named Nisha (Aksha). One day, Saleem takes the case of a patient named Narmada who gets raped. He is involved in both the life of Narmada ignore both his work and fiancé. A Nisha shook the leaves for good, and Saleem also loses his job in the process. Twist in the tale arises when it comes to know that Narmada was removed.What is Saleem doing now? How could he get his job, fiancee and Narmada again in his life? For answers to these questions, you need to watch the movie on the big screen. Tollywood Latest news, Kshanam Movie Review and Rating

Plus Points: –

Second half is a major asset of this film. The Director of the way Nirmal Kumar performed this part is quite interesting. exciting elements and different scenario adds a lot of depth to the film. Some scenes of confrontation in the hospital, interval and shot the climax of episode has been reported quite skillfully.The

Sanjay Leela Bhansali Best movies on Television

Today, 24th February, is a day worth remembering for all the hindi movie lovers. As this day has gifted us with one of the most legendary director of the contemporary era of the Hindi Movies. It is the birth anniversary of the famous director, Mr. Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Here’s wishing him a Very Happy Returns of the Day.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali had started the early days of his film career as an assistant to the established director, Vidhu Vinod Chopra for the making of the movies like “Parinda” and “1942: A Love Story”. His first directorial debut was with “Khamoshi: The Musical”. This movie did not work out that well commercially but was critically acclaimed.

His spell worked remarkably on the audience from his second movie, “Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam”. This was based on a triangular love story and had a great casting; Salman Khan, Ajay Devgan and Aishwarya Rai and the movie turned out to be a huge success, giving Mr. Bhansali the opportunity to grab many prestigious awards. The extravagant sets and colorful costumes had a breathtaking appeal on the audience. The Indian culture and festivities had been uniquely shown. The movie was partially shot in Rajasthan, India and

Janda Pai Kapiraju Telugu Movie Review and Rating

Aravind (Nani) is an honest young man who opposes injustice and corruption. It goes to any extent to do good for society and the land of corrupt people behind bars often. One day, he decided to meet the corruption in government offices and collect key evidence against a minister and some other officers.He also filed a case and manages to reveal corruption. Upset by this, the Minister decides against evil-attack and introduced him look like Aravind named Maya Kannan. Rest of the story is how Aravind manages to cope with all its problems and send the corrupt behind bars.

Plus Points: –

The character of Nani Maya Kannan in the second half is the main highlight of the film. You will see a new dimension to the game of Nani as he will surprise you with its power packed performance. body language, delivery of the dialogue and how it portrays the negative nuances are too good. For the first time in his career, Nani has a dual role and excels in both.
idea of the story is quite new and the manager so Samutrakani reported the social message is also good. The last 20 minutes before the interval are engaging and were

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Tungabhadra Telugu Movie Review and Rating

The film’s story is based on the life of two factional groups in the village Karlapoodi of Guntur district. Sivaramakrishna (Sathyaraj) leads a group and still faces opposition Trimurthulu (Chalapathi Rao) and his son. On the other hand, Srinu (Adith) is a young aggressive Sivaramakrishna disciple who falls for his daughter Gauri (Dimple Chopde).
Twist in the tale arises when Sivaramakrishna comes from knowing the love story of his daughter. This is also the time when the enemy decides to attack Sivaramakrishna group. Rest of the story is how the love story of Gauri and Srinu survives all these problems, and what happens to gang wars in the village.

Plus Points: –

Satyaraj is the major asset of the film and gives a decent performance. His expressions and screen presence during the height is good. Adith Arun is decent in his role, but gets limited scope to perform. Dimple Chopde seems apt as a beautiful town and gels well with the story.
How the history has been established in the rural area seems convincing. The production values are very good that the film is presented in natural light. First half of the film is ok and has some decent entertainment.Jabardasth Sreenu Naveen

Jagannatakam Telugu Movie Review and Rating

Prudhvi (Pradeep Nandan) is a cheerful guy who lives with his father and sister (Upasri). His only goal in life is to become an actor. One day he comes across Bhanu (Khenisha Chandran) and falls flat for her.As time passes, even Bhanu accept his love and the couple spend some happy times together. When everything seems to go well, he gets a huge break from acting in a big budget film. Exalted with that, Prudhvi organizes a party for all his friends. Partying, Prudhvi receives dreaded call that her father died. He quickly rushed home only to discover that her sister was kidnapped.What happened to his sister? How is his father’s death? and how Prudhvi not solve all its problems? For answers to these questions, you need to watch the movie on the big screen.

Plus points:

How the hero character was designed is good. exciting story in the second half and the last twenty minutes will excite the public decently. The background music is another attraction of this film. Bang range is also well executed.Pradeep Nandan acted with great zeal and brought great energy levels throughout the film. The female lead, Khanesh Chandran also does a fair job and is especially

Pilla Nuvvu Leni Jeevitham Telugu Movie Review and Rating

Seenu (Sai Dharam Tej) is a fun-loving youth who falls in love with Shailu (Regina). It never ceases to offer him, but rejects her love Shailu irritated every time. Twist in the tale arises when Seenu comes from knowing that Shailu is in danger from a dreaded goon called Maisamma (Jagapathi Babu) and someone more powerful behind him.
What is Seenu doing now? How it Shailu save all its problems? For answers to all these questions, you need to watch this movie on the big screen.

Plus Points: –

Sai Dharam Tej has done very well in the film. He’s very good with his dances and worked hard on his performance. For his second film, it shows the maturity and decent wins a difficult role as well. He needs to work on her looks and facial expressions a little more in the future.
Regina Cassandra is absolutely beautiful with each film. She is very beautiful in Indian attire, and did well in the emotional scenes too. Again, Jagapathi Babu plays an impressive supporting role. He played brilliantly in the first half and introduced the provision of incredible dialogue.major plus point of the film is the racy story. The entire credit must go

Jai Hind 2 Telugu Movie Review and Rating

The story begins with the suicide of Chandu (Shafi) who kills himself as he can not afford the costly education of his children in a wealthy business school. This incident deeply hurt Abhimanyu (Arjun) who in turn decides to take on the organizational structure of the education system.His speeches and ideas become huge, and the media also make it a big issue. Twist in the tale comes when the association of business schools decided to go against him. Rest of the story is how Abhimanyu fights against this corporate system and proves his point.

Plus Points: –

major plus point of the film is Arjun and role. Even at the age of 50, Arjun seems great shape and should the role of hero wisely. As usual, it is excellent in all the action and emotional sequences. He carries the entire film on his shoulders by handling more than one department quite convincing.The message that is presented in the film is very good. Taking Arjun on the education system and how it will preach on this topic is also presented nicely. Except for the first 20 minutes, rest of the film flows smoothly.

Minus Points: –

Major drawback of the film is its running time. The

Joru Telugu Movie Review and Rating

Sadasivam (Sayaji Shinde) is a strong MAL in Vizag. Anu (Rashi Khanna) is his daughter who returns from US to meet him. Sundeep (Sundeep Kishan) she meets and falls in love with her accidentally.One day Bhavani (Ajay) and Anu Sundeep attack saves her from his clutches. It also tries to find out why Bhavani has attacked Anu and comes to know the real truth of PK (Brahmanandam). Why do Bhavani Anu attack? How is its connection with Anu? What happens to the love story of Sundeep? The answers to these questions form the rest of the story.

Plus points:

Sundeep Kishan gives another performance matured after Ra Ra Krishnayya. He worked very hard on his body and his comic timing is very good in the film. It is also good with his dancing and sharing a good chemistry with Raashi Khanna. Speaking of Raashi she looks beautiful and is the main attraction of the film. It does well in emotional scenes and Sundeep many compliments.The rest of the cast includes Brahmanandam, Sapthagiri Priya Banerjee, Sushma, Shayaji Shnde and Ajay have done a decent job. the episode of the comedy Sapthagiri in the first half is good. comedy sequences in the second half

Brother of Bommali Telugu Movie Review and Rating

Ramki (Allari Naresh) and Lucky (Karthika) are twins who differ in every aspect. So Ramki is a fun loving simple person, his sister is a dare devil and tom boy nature. One day Ramki falls in love with his colleague Shruthi (Monal Gajjar) and revel about his case to his parents.
Ramki’s father put a condition that if his sister gets married, he can not tie the knot. An impotent Ramki starts searching married, but her sister keeps dropping these games. Meanwhile, Lucky also revealed she likes an IAS officer (Harshvardhan Rane) and marry her at any cost. Twist in the tale arises when Ramki discovers that his brother would be entitled is getting married to someone else.Ramki is going to do now? How he married his sister? What happens to his love life? For answers to all these questions, you need to watch the movie on the big screen.

Plus Points: –

The angle between comedy and Naresh Karthika is quite new and came out well. Every scene and situation comedy that has been designed around them works well. Again, Allari Naresh proves he is a master of comedy films. He plays his role with the utmost sincerity, and even allows

Erra Bus Telugu Movie Review and Rating

Rajesh (Vishnu Manchu) is a software engineer whose primary purpose is to go to the United States. One day it falls on Raji (Catherine Teresa) and falls backwards for her. In the normal course of time, even Raji accept his love and decide to marry. Meanwhile, Rajesh receives an offer to move to the United States, and decided to spend a few days with his grandfather (Dasari Narayana Rao) before going there.As expected, Dasari starts living with his little son. As time passes, his actions and habits start irritating the people around him. One day, he also became the only reason Rajesh losing both its US offer and his girlfriend. How a Rajesh anger at his grandfather? and what happens to her love story? This forms the rest of the story.

Plus points:

Dasari is fit in the role of an innocent grandfather and his chemistry with Vishnu is superb. Its action in the climax is great because it gives an emotional performance. Vishnu has to be credited for having left his star image and go with the script of the film. It looks beautiful and is characterized by a mature performance.Catherine Teresa Vishnu many compliments, and is fit for his role.

Lakshmi Raave Maa Intiki Telugu Movie Review and Rating

Anand Rao (Rao Ramesh), is the head of Lakshmi Nilayam and is a very strict father. After his daughter Lakshmi (Avika Gor) finished his studies, he obtained his fiancee to a software engineer.Moreover, Sai (Naga Shourya) gets to see Lakshmi and falls flat for her. He meets and expresses his love directly. But it gets a huge shock when Lakshmi told her that she is already engaged. What is Sai doing now? Will it continue to woo Lakshmi? This forms the rest of the story.

Plus points:

For starters, the voice of Raj Tarun on when it presents all the characters is quite good. The first 40 minutes of the film is engaging and entertaining. The episode interval is also impressive. Coming to the performance, the young hero Naga Shourya gave a mature performance than his previous films. It looks beautiful and enacts quite convincingly. For the first time, this lover boy attempted action sequences and it is quite impressive with his fights. Avika Gor looks gorgeous in Indian attire and gave a dominant performance.Rao Ramesh gives a decent performance as a strict father. Sapthagiri comedy track is also a major asset for the film. Rest of the cast as Vennela Kishore,

Lingaa Telugu Movie Review and Rating

Lingaa (Rajinikanth) is a small time thief who leads a carefree life. One day, Lakshmi (Anushka) of public television meets Lingaa and asked him to inaugurate an ancient temple built by his grandfather. Lingaa rejects his proposal, saying he is not interested in knowing his grandfather that left him in poverty. Soon, he was involved in a theft scam and he accepted the proposal of Lakshmi, to escape the police. He goes to his village with Lakshmi.
Once it lands there, coming off a heartbreaking story of his family. What does it know truths about his family? What is the story behind the temple? To find answers to these questions, you need to watch the movie on the big screen.

Plus Points: –

As always, Lingaa is again a complete Rajini show all the way. From the word go, it’s Rajni and his presence in the pure screen that takes you through the film. Rajini excels in all departments, and carries the entire film on his shoulders. It is superb as the royal heir in the second half, and is especially good in the emotional scenes.While Sonakshi Sinha has not much to do in the film, she debuted south decent. Sonakshi looks

Chakkiligintha Telugu Movie Review and Rating

Ado (Sumanth Ashwin) is a young man who does not believe in going after girls. He also encourages his friends not to woo and this attitude of his is hated by all the girls in his college.
One day, Avi (Rehana) joined the college and discovers that all the boys ignore completely all the girls. She decided to change this scenario and sets a trap for Adi. Is Adi fall into the trap? Is Avi change the thinking of Adi? This forms the rest of the story.

Plus Points: –

more important for this film are superb production values. The whole film seems quite rich and the university atmosphere was presented in a beautiful light. Sumanth Ashwin improves with each of his film. It looks beautiful and how he emotes throughout the film is also good. He had many opportunities to perform in this character and it does not disappoint at all.
Viva Thagubothu Ramesh and Harsha are pretty good in their roles. The first half hour of the film is very entertaining and lively. Songs from the film are also decent.

Minus Points: –

After promising first 30 minutes, the film falls flat on his face. The pace becomes slow death and there is