Five top domain name registrars

A domain name is the heart of every website. Yes, the heart! It is the domain name that turns IP addresses into human-friendly text.

Since your domain name is the heart of your website, you need to manage it well. And who does the management for you? That is the work of the domain name registrars. In this article, we will look at five top domain name registrars. Read on.

  1. GoDaddy. GoDaddy combines domain registration and web hosting. It also offers frequent specials on domain registration. With GoDaddy, you get a five-page website based on one of their templates, blogging tools, a photo album and an email account with storage of 1GB. GoDaddy doesn’t offer free private registration, but if you register more than four domains, it is free for all the domains. A year registration with GoDaddy costs $11.99.
  1. NameCheap. NameCheap offers one of the cheapest deals in town. Their customer service is like no other. They also offer value-added packages. With NameCheap, you get free email and URL forwarding, excellent customer service, customizable domain parking, free domain transfers and so much more. A year registration with NameCheap costs $9.98.

  1. Name. offers more than just domain name searches and alternative suggestions. Most times, the domain names we choose are always unavailable or taken. Unlike other registrars, when a domain name is unavailable, and you need it badly, you can pay to get the domain. also has a service called Domain Grabber. A year registration with Name costs $9.99.
  1. 1&1. 1&1 also offers cheap deals like NameCheap. When you register your domain name with 1&1, you get a five-page starter website, free private domain registration, free domain transfer and an email account with storage of 2GB. A year registration with 1&1 costs $4.99
  1. Gandi. Gandi offers a simple, clean and straight forward service. When you register with Gandi, you get one free DotClear2 blog, two free Site Maker pages, a free one year SSL certificate, a personal email, and private domain registration. A year registration with Gandi costs $16.85.

There are so many domain registrars available, but these are the most popular domain registrars. Let me list them all over again with their annual prices.

  1. GoDaddy (one-year registration costs $11.99)
  2. NameCheap (one year registration costs $9.98)
  3. Name (one-year registration costs $9.99)
  4. 1&1 (one-year registration costs $4.99)
  5. Gandi. (One-year registration costs $16.85)

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