Factors you should consider when choosing a domain registrar

Getting a domain name is one thing, getting the right domain registrar is another. Let’s face the bitter truth; not all domain registrars are good for you. So how do you know the good domain registrar? Read on.

I will give you four factors to look out for when choosing a domain registrar. Whether you want to register a new domain or an expired domain, try looking out for these factors before choosing:

  1. Price. Price matters when you are choosing a domain registrar. The last you want to happen to you is for you to register a domain name at a registrar and later discover that you overpaid. The cheapest you should expect to pay for a domain name is between $10 and $15. Some other websites expect you to pay more. Although there are free domain name services, they come with great conditions, conditions that might not be palatable for you. Also look out for customers’ reviews before choosing a domain registrar. Customers’ review is an excellent way to see the company for what it is.

  1. Management. You should also consider a domain’s registrar method of management. Most domain registrars offer a control panel interface that manages your domain. Other registrars have a much more complicated system. If the management system of a domain registrar is not suitable for you, then it is advisable not to take it.
  1. Services. Always take note of the additional services that the registrar offers. Most domain registrars will offer additional services for additional prices. Like I said in the first factor, take note of the price. If the price is too expensive for you, it is best to look for another domain registrar. Some domain registrars will offer additional services with lower prices. So choose wisely
  1. Support. If the domain registrar doesn’t offer support, don’t choose them. There are cases when you are having a problem with your domain, or you need assistance with some things; you would need support from your domain registrar. But if the domain registrar doesn’t offer support, that is too bad. Be careful of smaller sites reselling domains because they won’t be able to give the same level of support as the main registrars would. To know if the registrar offers supports, you can check customers’ reviews or check the site’s help section for how it works.

Before you choose any domain registrar, please put these four factors into consideration.

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